Alpha Gem Lab

3 Computer Drive West, #122 Albany, NY 12205          Fax 518-489-2776
By appointment:  Mon-Tues-Thurs-Fri  9:30-4:30.

                           Closed Wednesdays and weekends.


  • What a professional! Mrs. Panitch did a thoroughly awesome job in her appraisal of my items at a reasonable cost.  Her cost was significantly lower than any local jewelry sotes and you do not have to leave your precious jewelry.  Do not sell any of your valuable jewelry without seeing Mrs. Panitch first. I would highly recommend her to anyone!   A.C.      
  •  We learned so much about jewelry in a short period of time.  We had several pieces that we were considering passing on to our children, selling or donating.  We have a better idea of what we want to do.  Reasonable prices.       P. & L. K.         
  • "I didn't realize it was so involved!   I thought she would just look at it and say it was worth X dollars."     A.R.
  • "I was told that the closer the appraiser's grade was to the certificate grade, the better they were.  Joyce got all three of my diamond grades spot-on."   Michael
  • "I liked being able to sit there while the work was being done.  The jewelers that I had called wanted me to leave my diamond ring for 7-10 days."     Ann